27 May 2011

Vroom Vroom

I am a wee bit excited about Archie's new kindy bag! This is Made By Rae's toddler backpack pattern and to be honest I'm shocked it turned out this superb. And yes I will say so myself because I am still genuinely surprised at being able to follow a pattern to its finish, let alone produce a backpack with a zip and piping. Leaps and bounds, my friends, leaps and bounds.  

Since part of this year's scheme is to become ' unimaginably fab at sewing', I've been attempting to up the anti with new challenges. Today kids, we learned that piping is not terrifying. Its actually easy and so deeply satisfying that now I want to 'pipify' everything. Apparently though, there is a back and a front to strap adjusters (bah?) and when you sew them back to front, its not so neat.  

The fabric is Echino cars and I hunted down and snagged what I suspect were the last few fat quarters in all the land...unless one of you are hoarding a secret supply?

17 May 2011

Kids Clothing Week Challenge: Day Two

And now for something completely different! No, not really. This is exactly the same Heidi and Finn 'comfy yoga hoodie' pattern as seen on day one of the Elsie Marley KCWC. If you want proof of how quick and managable this really is; it was whipped up during nap time...yay!

 1T is the smallest size in this pattern and kind of works for a 7 month old (albeit a large one) with the sleeves rolled up. The only thing I couldn't figure out was why this pattern has a one-size-fits-all hood? It echos in there. Still, I love this kokka postie goats fabric and am quite chuffed with how it turned out.

Hellooooo...is anybody in there?

Kids Clothing Week Challenge: Final moments.

Don't ask what happened to days 3, 4, 5 and 6 of Elsie Marley KCWC! Obviously I went out too hard and got burn out by day 3. On day 7, I realised there was still time so I went at it like none other than a crazy sewing lady and even sustained a spectacular sewing injury in my haste! And because time was running out I grabbed what was at hand and I tell you, paper hand towels and sticky tape work a treat on a punctured finger. Sweating and bleeding, I just snuck these babies (pictured) into the flickr pool in the nick of time! I am so in awe of those of you that went about the Kids Clothing Week Challenge systematically and produced one item each day! I will be adopting a new game plan next time...

11 May 2011

Day One: Kids Week Clothing Challenge

It seem miracles do happen! And on Monday morning they came in the form of superhero mum (mine) dropping in especially to grant me two uninterrupted hours of sewing bliss. Thanks mummy, you saved the day!  Otherwise, I'm not sure sure I would have made it past the pile of kid debris in the lounge room to even get to my sewing machine. Let alone, get to try out this 'Comfy Yoga Hoodie Pattern' by Heidi and Finn. Which, by the way, is just as awesome (and easier) as her Urban Hoodie pattern, for those of you familiar with that lil' beauty.

When I was in preparation mode on Sunday night I wasn't so sure about this colour combo. I am not usually drawn to orange, and definately not green and orange. But I didn't have anything else! So, a bit squeamishly,  I stepped out of my colour comfort zone. And I am totally refreshed! Good-bye Blue.

Allright Day Two...its just youuuuuu and me.

07 May 2011

KCWC...a sneaky peak

Wow ~ This is my first Kids Clothing Week Challenge and I'm so excited! Ideas are running through my head. Questions too. How much can I get done? What do the kids need? Will I sew through the night? Do I have to do housework this week? So, I have a bit of a loose list and I'm setting my own challenge...ONE item per day and ONE post per day. I figure, its my first, so lets go hard or go home. If at the end of the week I'm rocking back and forth in a corner clutching my sewing machine, thats a sacrifice I'm willing to make...

So here's a little tid-bit, some fabrics I've been dying to use and now the perfect occasion. We are approaching winter here down-under and though its pretty mild, Archie needs pyjamas and pants. Hudson needs pants and tops. Archie definately needs a bowtie. And mummy needs uninterrupted sewing time. When not sewing, I will be glued to the KCWC elsie marley FLICKR group.

See you on the other side 

02 May 2011

Feeling a little Retro coming on

A word of advice....if you have a little boy to sew for and haven't already got your hands on the Oliver and S 'Sailboat top and pants' pattern...do so now! It's quaint, charming and can be as old-world or as modern as you like depending on the fabrics. This time I decided to take a new approach to Archie's wardrobe and channel his inner 'indie' kid (its got to be in there somewhere). Leaving behind the fleuro brights and lurid knits (soooo last week) I took a risk and paired burnt orange corduroy with a mint green, suitably retro, telephone print. I think it paid off...maybe it hurts your eyes?

Hunting around op-shops for men's 'cords' to cut up seems to be my day job at the moment and these trousers I am proud to say, are entirely re-fashioned, buttons and all, from an XL men's shirt. What a beauty!  

Have you ever come across some fabric that you love so much you buy it in bulk so it 'never' runs out?  This telephone print by Luli Sanchez for Timeless Treasures was my 6-yard-bulk-buy, and I'm pleased to say there are close to 5 left in the stash so that sad sad day is a long way off! These neat square buttons seemed just right for the job and were promptly yanked off another thrifted shirt to be given new life.