29 April 2011

And the WINNER IS...

Thank you all so much for entering my little giveaway, and a big shoutout to Crystal of Crafty Ave for nudging it along ;)

Congrats to Kate

 Your beautiful hairpins are on their way!

25 April 2011


For a while there it was show time at Cirque Du Bebe and it wasn't pretty. A circus of babies is a pretty accurate translation. Now, just because mine came with a built in pm alarm clock, is no reason for you to suffer. So today we are going to celebrate you lovely mummies (plus the sleep that I SHOULD be getting!) with a vintage hairpin giveaway. Don't worry, I'm wearing my best pyjamas for the occasion.

How it works: Leave a comment, stating the hairpin set that you just love the mostest and Friday morning the winner will be drawn at random.


08 April 2011

A Babble of Bibs

On a recent hunt for inspiration around blog land, I happened upon a particularly neat bib tutorial by Sew She Sews which I must share. 'Bibs SCHMIBS!' you say? Well, its true: a bib is a bib and it probably won't blow your socks off, but I love its mod shape and the mock patchwork allows for some seriously playful fabric combos. Clear and easy to navigate for those who still consider themselves in the 'mostly-beginner-with-moments-of-brilliance' category!