28 March 2011

Newsboy Hats

This newsboy hat pattern by Leila and Ben has been skulking around in my stash for too long. Since my over-locker (serger) just stopped working and everthing but completely lined clothes is out of the question, it was the perfect project. Small and managable for this zombie mum.

 The pattern comes in size 6-12 months and 2t-5t. However, Archie's three year old head is big and this is fine in the circumference but a bit shallow. I am wondering whether if I add a centimetre to the bottom of the pattern if this will solve the problem of monsieur big-brain? 

It took about 5 minutes to cut the fabric inc. lining and about 20 minutes to sew. The kawaii hedehog fabric is a cotton / linen blend, the denim is an old pair of dad's jeans and both are lined with a plaid shirt.

24 March 2011

Me and My Monkey (pants)

I love love LOVE this monkey spat pattern! They are a breeze to sew and use a small amount of fabric, so you can re-fashion anything as small as a onesie for the bum patch. From what I've gathered, I'm not the only one having trouble finding interesting knit prints, but when you only need a bit as here, it opens up a world of options. This gem of a pattern is by Danslalune on etsy and I've noticed a skinny leg version is now available if you and your lil man swing that way.

One particularly thrifty sort of day I went hunting specifically for interesting knit prints and came back with the Cloud. The Lion is one of Archie's old onesies. The Pandas are from Hudson's shorts. The legs from left to right are made from a t-shirt, my sweaty old track pants and my brother's non-sweaty sweater...feeling pretty virtuous!

Can a bum get any cuter?

No, thats right, it cannot (Correct Answer)

19 March 2011

Crazy Eyez 90 minute shirt

You might have started to notice a little Complusive Crafting Disorder going on here... surely I'm not alone in getting hooked on a project (hoodies, 90 min shirts) then doing it to death!? Lets call it being 'thorough', after all, Archie's winter wardrobe is now fully stocked in the top department (although more 90 min shirts are never out of the question). Pants should probably be next; and then we can stop cropping all the pics above the waist.

Archie felt his 'hot-cross bun' prop added something special to the scene. Who was I to argue?

The front and back is re-purposed from a brand new men's shirt ( I know I know, but it IS from etsy, so is still technically supporting the hand-made!). The sleeves are from a really cosy, well-loved ladies sweater, thrifted.

This year's hand-made / thrifted clothes regime was only ever intended as a bit of fun and a damn good excuse to go op-shopping. But I'm now I'm totally hooked and entertaining thoughts of making an entire years worth of clothes for the boys just for kicks. Over ambitious?

18 March 2011

In a Flash Hoodie

The 'flash' fabric is an up-cycled XL men's surfie T-Shirt from an Op-shop in Byron Bay. It was just screaming out...pick me...pick me! 

But didn't see this coming... 

Don't look too closely at the button holes, one is an imposter. Can you guess? I could have thrown my machine last night.

15 March 2011

In My Neighbour-Hoodie

Welcome to da 'hood'

Apparently we live in the one second from the right with the tall bay windows.

As you can see its still too warm to actually wear a hoodie in sunny Queensland...so for now we'll have to pretend its winter
 or that...

Archie's Neighbourhood Tours are: 'pants optional'.

11 March 2011

Urban Hoodie

After a recent sewing disaster involving a red dress and tears at sewing lessons (emBARRASSING!), this rookie sewer was in dire need of a confidence boost. It came in the form of this super fun project! Urban Hoodie pattern by Heidi and Finn.  

I'm sure we'll all agree that the fabric hunt is half the fun?  Since being overcome with 'navy-nautical-sailor-stripey-frenchie' fever of late, I was lucky and surprised to pounce on this interlock knit at Spotlight...my least favourite destination for fabric...blah! Lined with scraps from four different  men's tees; if we were to dissect this beautiful specimen we would find an 'unco' aray of beige, red, cream and brown inside. So nice to include some up-cycling!

 The only adjustments made were with the sizing; I originally cut a size 3 for Archie and it sucktioned onto him like a squid underneath the arms (apparently others have had similar issues). I was using a thicker fleecy knit (marle?), and the pattern calls for 'lightweight knit'. Still, after jumping up to a size 5 and using a lightweight knit, plus reducing seams to 3/8 instead of 5/8 under arms, the fit is more 'glove' and less 'straight-jacket'!

07 March 2011


Usually my new years resolutions have involved the following: get fit, eat healthy and become a surfie chick. This year things took an unexpected turn...

  • Re-vamp an old chair
  • Make / op-shop any clothes I might want
  • Hand-make and buy handmade gifts
  • Become unimaginably FAB at sewing
  • Buy my fruit / veg at the markets
  • Turn an old suit-case into a retro picnic set
  • Get a fringe
  • Start a 'dress-up' box for Archie
  • Make our rented town-house a home
  • Make brownies and rice-paper rolls
I don't think we'll analyse it too deeply...especially since I tried to pass off a fleeting craving as a new years resolution at the time.

             even more tantaslising than that list is this one...


Urban Hoodie pattern by Heidi and Finn.

Toddler backpack from Made-By-Rae...can't wait!

 90 minute shirts by Dana from Made tutorial

Monkey Spats by Danslalune

Sausage Roller Dog by Craft Schmaft

Re-fashion Archie's jeans to skinny leg jeans re-fashion tutorial by Freshly Picked 

Cute cushions for the couch using tutorial by Freshly Picked

BOWTIES!! either using this tutorial by Lemon Squeezy Home or this one by Delia Creates

I love the idea of a personal Scavenger Bag for Archie for all his manly treasures. perhaps this tutorial by Sew Grown
  • A cool up-cycled old-man vest for Archie tutorial at http://www.dana-made-it.com/
  • Freezer Paper Stencilling tutorial at http://www.dana-made-it.com/
  • An upcycled Cloche hat for Me and newsboy hats for Hudson and Archie
  • Kimino Pyjamas and pants for the boys
  • A doona cover for Archie's Bed